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Why the Church of the Few?


Lately God has been getting very angry with the attitude of the churches. At one time it was with the nation of Israel, now His representative nation is the church of Christ and it is in one heck of a mess. God has been reduced to a love god, so full of love that all ways lead to him, and we're just one big happy family, filling up on our love-fests. The Name of Jesus Christ has been reduced to one among many. We each have our own way, for some it's Mohamed for others it's Joseph Smith for others it's Buddha, for others it's World Peace. Let's all join hands and praise Mother Earth and live on happy clouds being embraced by so much love!


No? You don't think that's being very fair? Okay, let's look at this from our worldly perspective shall we? Remember Sodom and Gomorrah, you know those few cities that God destroyed because they were so far gone, they were beyond help? Or maybe you remember when God was so angry with mankind and their stiff-necked rebellion that He completely destroyed everything and everyone {except those He closed up in an Ark.} we don't see or hear of that God today, we have no fear of Him. In fact we have managed to reduce the word fear to mean respect or reverence and I can't understand why we have such an attitude to fearing God. Scripture says that the fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom, yet so many people want us to start from God is love. If our starting point is wrong, then our end point is. However, I'm not denying that God is love, scripture says so in abundance and with every fibre of my being I know it to be a solid truth. Of course, if I start my journey with God is love, then I can smooth over those rough edges I don't like, after all, God has so much love and will forgive me. When He talks about wiping out the odd city here and there due to its rebellion, I really can't see my loving God behaving that way. When God said I am a wrathful God, a vengeful God, surely he meant only for those who won't accept His salvation... right? But we are lucky our God is love to the point where no-one will really go to the eternal flames of hell because, well, quite frankly, God is just brimming with so much love.

It is so bad today, that if God did wipe out a whole city, He wouldn't even get the credit for it, nope, Mother Nature would be responsible {remind me again, who operates the storehouses of weather?} See how far from any true knowledge of God we have come?


Well, I hear you cry, that's because we are in the time of grace and absolutely mercy now. Oh! Praise Him! we are. However, consider this...


What if God felt like the whole world had completely forgotten Him, didn't care about Him, His character, His name? What if He believed that man thought he was so scientifically superior that he no longer needed God?..{Tower of Babel ring any bells?}What if there was no one left who even knew His name? “By my own name they did not call me” hmmm… whatever happened next?  What if man had fallen so far from the truth of the Gospel? {Oooh back to Sodom again}Wouldn't He intervene and provide a gentle nudge here and there? Wouldn't He reprove and reprove until you were crawling on your hands and knees? Now consider....What if He is doing that right now and you are ignoring Him? Perhaps He will decide it is time to leave this blessed time of grace and mercy and move forward to judgement!?


God is certainly angry enough right now and His anger is firmly aimed at the Churches that are failing Him, His Christ and His sheep. Now is the time he wants to warn the churches, bring them back into line, back into the fold, back under the headship of Christ Jesus, back to building on the only worthy foundation, back to placing Christ at the heart of all things. God wants His people to choose life and live it abundantly. He wants the world to know how much He loves them. Yet His amazing love can only truly be known when we begin our journey from the correct starting point...


God wants His say, whether you want to listen or not, He is reaching out to all who will call on His name. His shepherds have failed Him once again. He isn't so much concerned with the entire world right now, although long term this clearly is for the benefit of all. Right now He wants His house in order. Currently it stands in ruins and He wants a home where He can display His glory. Personally I'm of the opinion that if the Almighty God wants a Home to display His Glory, He should surely have one and He shouldn't have to ask! He left the Heavenly realms and was made flesh and in that flesh He endured EVERYTHING you and I DESERVED and why? Because man is so utterly useless, he is incapable of saving himself. Laws and rules don't work, sacrificial systems don’t work. No! It was God Himself who did everything necessary for us, so that we could draw near to Him! And for ALL that, He has to ask, “Please can my people hear my voice and build me a home where I can display my glory please!!!!!!!!!!”


He asked me and I said yes, what do you want? How do you want it? Where do you want it? When do you want it? And finally, when do you start?!


Over a considerable period of time God has given me His word, yeah, I had to learn it too. He wants to go back to basics, tear all buildings down and build on the one and only solid foundation which is Christ Jesus, working up to the head which, again, is Christ Jesus. But most importantly, He wants His WORD, yet again Christ Jesus, in the very heart of our lives, our homes, and definitely our churches. My role will be to pass on His teaching, both online and off, getting everyone to the point where they will have no reason to fear those dreaded words… In very truth I NEVER knew you…


The Church of the Few


Read Matthew 24, count the amount of times the word many is used, then decide how many times it is in a positive light and how many in the negative. Then hop on over to Mathew 22 and read about the many there… they'll be easy to find, they're the ones on the broad road... you know the one...leading to death and destruction.... Then locate the few… that's those on the narrow road squeezing and forcing their way through the narrow gate. Now you've done that do you understand the importance and seriousness of what Jesus is saying, not many are going to be saved, there will only be a few. Now I know that a lot of people will be up in arms, but hey, they're not my words, and you have to consider how many people have lived on this planet and will yet do so {God willing} how many of them will be sent to eternal damnation and how many saved? In comparison to the former (the total world population) the latter will be few... God wishes that none would perish, but that all would come to true repentance and be saved... much in the same way I wish I could stop sinning... and like He begs and pleads in Ezekiel, “Why will you not choose life and live? I set before you life and death choose life and have it in abundance!” Unfortunately and very sadly, many will reject eternal glory for a lifetime of self.


The Church of the Few is for those few who seriously want to walk and talk with the Living Saviour, not just here and now but eternally.


Remember, these are not my words, they are God’s. I merely write them down, what you think of them or how you respond to them is between you and God Almighty. I am merely discharging my duty. So, take your bible in your hands and prayerfully consider the text you read and consult with the Almighty and listen to His voice, after all, you are responsible for where you spend eternity.


First things first


We need to sort out that foundation and find out what Satan has been hiding from us. Those that survive that encounter will be few and will be assured 100% NEVER to hear those words. Let’s begin at the beginning.