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Believe that Jesus was God in the flesh? Satan knows He was, so much so infact, he even taught it to his legions!

Believe that Jesus died and rose again in the flesh? Satan was there!

Believe that when Jesus died, He took your place, endured what you so richly deserved? Satan was among the Heavenly host when God planned it, of course he knows!

Believe that Jesus now reigns in glory King of Kings? Yep he knows that too!

Believe in the Word of God, the very words of eternal life? Not only does Satan know it, he knows and understands it better than you ever will!

So then, what seperates you from Satan, why does he get to go to the eternal fires of hell, while you get to inherit the eternal Kingdom?

if it's belief in this alone, know for a certainty these words will resound in your ears for all eternity....

In very truth I NEVER knew you!

Scary words every Christian dreads, so what's the answer? In short, THE TRUTH, hidden in just one short verse, one commandment, cut in half the first part of which is simply disregarded. Yes, Satan knows it too! It's not some new revelation or twist of scripture, it's God's whole truth for your salvation Satan just doesn't want you to know it. God desires however, that His Truth be told, Christ desires His Gospel be everywhere preached, and that's what we intend to do right here.



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